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09.06.2011- It's a Stil(a)!

I don't often blog about beauty (in fact I think this may be my debut beauty post!) but this news was simply too exciting not to share. I've loved Stila cosmetics ever since I discovered the brand in the Macy's beauty hall when I first went to New York, and made a point of snapping up some of their beautiful eye shadows, smudge sticks and brushes whilst I was there. I vaguely remember being able to buy Stila in Liberty years ago, but the brand mysteriously disappeared from the British market soon after, leaving many fans (myself included) feeling rather bereft, not to mention minus our fix of their amazing lip glazes. Fret no more, however, as it has been recently confirmed that after an absence of five years, Stila is returning to the U.K! Rumour has it that Stila products will soon be available in Boots, House of Fraser, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, and I for one cannot wait. As well as heralding the return of some old favourites (Kitten eye shadow, I'm looking at you), Stila's relaunch will also bring with it a range of new products, including stunning eye shadow trios, best-selling waterproof eyeliners and a whole host of other goodies. I'm so eager to snap up this beautiful Natural Eyes Palette, which launched in the U.S just last week:

See you at the Stila counter ladies!

Have you missed Stila? And are you excited for their return to the U.K?

(Image credit: Stila.)


  1. Totally forgot about Stila! I have an amazing lip kit with lipgloss, pencil and lipstick from there. Hsd it for years. Always good to have another brand to chose from x

  2. The palette is lush!!

    Sadie x


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