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13.06.2011- Monday Must-haves

Hello all! Hope you all had fantastic weekends (despite the ever-changing weather!) and are enjoying the new week so far. Here are my Monday Must-haves for this week:

Quite an unexpectedly Topshop heavy post this week, but some beautiful pieces have recently debuted online and I couldn't resist including them. I've probably owned a series of cream blouses with lace detailing since I was about 15 (including a beautiful one from Miss Selfridge which I recently parted company with as it was too big!), but this one from Topshop has well and truly cemented itself on my 'future purchases' list. I couldn't resist including the socks after seeing them in store last week, as they instantly reminded me of the old style school socks I used to wear (although I'm not advocating nostalgia as an excuse to splurge!) I've also been after a pair of tan ankle boots since last winter, and these are perfect- I love the buckle detailing.

After seeing this skirt in New Look last week it was instantly added to my shopping list, as I love the colour and the paperbag waist is really flattering- also rather reminiscent of the Mulberry SS11 collection which can't be a bad thing! The headscarf is a little whimsical inclusion as I've seen some lovely ones about recently and I think they're perfect for summer, especially if you're off somewhere exotic on holiday. And no, I can't quite believe that I've included a jumper in a post being written in the middle of June either, but the buttermilk shade of this Miss Selfridge number is divine, and you all know I'm obsessive about anything embellished.

Finally, a make-up must-have in the form of Chanel's Rogue Coco lipstick in a beautiful shade called 'Boy' (if you've seen Coco Before Chanel you'll recognise the significance), which I spied whilst perusing the beauty counters with my best friend (and self-confessed make-up addict) Sarah last week, and fell even more in love with after seeing this oh so cute ad campaign:

What do you think of my picks for this week? And have you bought Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine lipstick? If so, what did you think?

(Image credit: Topshop, Miss Selfridge, New Look, River Island and Debenhams. Video credit: Youtube.)


  1. Loving that lipstick shade so much!! You would have thought every colour would have been made by now!! x

  2. Love the colours of those items. My fave item there is the lace yoke blouse. Very pretty. I can no longer afford topshop, though. :( xxx

  3. You love it! :) You must buy the skirt, i swear we must have matching wardrobes now? hehe. You do inspire me muchly though :) xxxx

  4. Hi there, just wondering how you get the little twitter etc.. buttons at the bottom of the post? Thanks

  5. Love these different things
    Neat blog too!



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