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24.06.2011- Weekend Wishes

Another week over! I can't quite believe we're almost at the end of July and halfway through the year already. I've got tomorrow off work (hooray!) so am planning on making the most of the day and I expect I'll catch up with some Glastonbury coverage from the comfort of my sofa over the weekend too. If you're at Glastonbury (and I've got no idea why you'd be reading this post if you are!) I hope the rain is holding off and that you manage to battle your way through the crowds to get a front and centre spot for Beyoncé's performance on Sunday (so excited!) Although I haven't made any holiday plans for this year yet, one of the best things about being on holiday is surely being able to spend time by the pool, wiling away the hours with a good book. So, with the temperatures this weekend set to soar, I wish I had my own pool to cool down next to (and, having said that, something good to read!)

Amalie Hartmann by Olivia Frølich, Costume Magazine July 2011.
What have you got planned for the weekend? Are you planning on enjoying the sunshine? And can you suggest any good books?

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue.)


  1. I'm also wondering where the time has gone, half way through the year already. Its mental! Hope you have a great weekend - lovely images. Eagerly waiting to summer to start so I can lounge around like this! x

  2. I'll be watching the Glastonbury coverage tonight as my boyfriend is a huge Coldplay fan!

  3. What a stunning editorial! I love the last top! I would love some more sunshine, it is full blown winter in New Zealand now, brr, it is so cold! Be sure to enter my one hundred pound ASOS giveaway!



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