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06.07.2011- My Month in Pictures: June

I can't quite believe June has come to an end already! I had a lovely month, and here are some of my highlights in pictures:

2nd June- Spent the day in Hyde Park with my lovely friend Liz and trekked back to Trafalgar Square (where we bathed our aching feet in the fountains!) via Piccadilly.

14th June- Baked these yummy chocolate cookies.

15th June- The view of a particularly striking moon from my bedroom window, snapped just before I went to bed.

17th June- Spent the morning exploring the National Gallery with my bestie and afterwards we indulged in a delicious Pizza Express lunch. The Legerra pizza is my new guilt free favourite!

18th June- Picked up this beautiful vanity case in the Cath Kidston sale, the perfect excuse to organise my make up (and make room for some more!)

20th June- Caught up with some of my gorgeous college friends over noodles and frozen yogurt (another guilt free indulgence!)

23rd June- Spent a Saturday off work in London with my mum, where we went for a lovely lunch and apple crumble pudding in Covent Garden before heading to Les Misérables.

29th June- Rounded off the month by seeing Dr. Faustus at Shakespeare's Globe.

Looking back, this post mainly consists of food! Not that this is a bad thing at all. What did you get up to in June?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission. Images edited using Picnik.)


  1. mmmm I love those Legerra pizzas!
    I bought loads in the Cath Kidston sale in the B'ham Selfridges this weekend, couldn't stop myself.

  2. Great post, love the Cath Kidston make-up bag!

  3. Looks like you had a fun month of june! Here's to another good month! x

  4. these photographs are just lovely! what a lovely june you have had :) xx


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