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25.07.2011- Monday Must-haves

Typical. The moment I come up with a knitwear themed post, we experience what feels like a mini-heatwave. I suppose it just serves me right for being uber-organised, eh? Anyway, this week's must-haves post features some of the gorgeous jumpers which are already making their way into the shops in preparation for winter:

A few years ago I bought some gorgeous jumpers which are now either a) too big for me or b) too small for me (having been shrunk in the wash). Whenever it's freezing cold in the winter, I go to reach for a cosy jumper only to discover pretty poor selection, some of which would even look small on Thumbelina! I've adored this River Island jumper for ages, and think it's a really versatile piece- it would look great with jeans or over a cute tea dress. I love the vibrant colours of these knits from Oasis, so refreshing to see something for winter that's not black or grey! This adorable pink number from Rokit has just shot straight to the top of my wishlist, it's a stunning colour and incorporates a big trend for the coming season- the collar. You can't go wrong with an oversize cardigan from Topshop, and I adore the chunky buttons on this mohair version. And whilst this embroidered jumper from Monsoon is a touch on the expensive side, I think it would look fabulous teamed with a blood red pleated midi skirt (dare I utter the phrase Christmas party outfit?!)

I'm off to evaluate my knitwear collection make space for some more clothes in my wardrobe.

Do you think it's too early to be looking at winter clothes in July? And what are your thoughts on my picks for this week?

(Image credit: River Island, Oasis, Rokit, Topshop and Monsoon.)


  1. Great sweaters! :)

    Btw, you are welcome to visit my blog!


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