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26.07.2011- First Look: Elle Fanning for LOVE

You may remember about this time last year, the fourth edition of LOVE magazine was available with eight different covers. Well, issue six of the magazine comes out at the beginning of August, with three different covers to choose from, and, a month after this, a second run of the issue with five special edition fashion covers will be available. I've just caught a sneaky peek at the first cover to be released- rising star Elle Fanning as photographed by Mert and Marcus:

Elle Fanning, LOVE Magazine August 2011 by Mert and Marcus.
If all of the covers are as lovely as this one, then it's going to be very hard to make a choice! Keep your eyes peeled for the rest as they are released throughout the week.

What do you think of Elle Fanning's cover for LOVE? Will you be buying the issue?

(Image credit: LOVE on facebook.)


  1. This cover is so beautiful - I HAVE to buy it!

  2. She look fantastic, Love Magazine always have awesome covers.

  3. WOW this cover is gorgeous! So magical, actually. Elle Fanning has such a unique and delicate beauty. It is perfect for surreal photos, such as this one.

    This cover is more like artwork. I would love to frame it for my room.

  4. I love this cover - can't wait to see the full set! Sally x

  5. woah, ell grown up!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration.xo


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