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06.08.2011- Weekend Wishes

As much as I love living within a stone's throw of London, there are times when it's nice to escape to some peace and quiet (especially when your next-door neighbours are having a DIY marathon!) I'm quite lucky as I live in quite a 'countrified' area (as my mum calls it), so I'm not surrounded by concrete, but this weekend I wish I could really get away from it all...

Rachel Alexander by RomanLeo for Vestal Volume 6, 2011.
This editorial is stunning- just looking at it makes me feel more relaxed, and the location is idyllic. Now to invest in some earplugs to try and block out the drilling/crash-bang-walloping/general racket from next door!

What have you got planned for the weekend? Are you longing to get away anywhere?

(Image credit: NOIR FACADE.)


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