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12.08.2011- My entry to blog the Look show

I'm sure you've all read about the amazing competition that Look magazine are running, so here I am throwing my hat into the ring (so to speak!) So hello LOOK judges, welcome to my blog, grab a cuppa and some cake and have a read of my entry:

Why I should blog the Look Show

To blog the Look show is every girl's dream,

It’s amazing, stylish and far from routine.
The chance to sit in a glittering front row,
And perhaps even chat to Miss Palermo.

Of course I’d love to post about the event,
For my lovely followers to read and comment,
But most of all I’d really love to go
To experience my first proper fashion show.

I’ve posted about fashion weeks in the past
But blogging the Look show would be a real blast.
Seeing the best of the British High Street,
All from the comfort of a front row seat.

I blog about the catwalk, designers and shows,
What’s hot, what’s not and much lusted-after clothes,
My highlights of fashion week showcase the best
Of Paris, New York, Milan and the rest.

I write about shopping, new collections and style
In posts which I hope amuse and beguile
I share my must-haves, wishes and thoughts,
And season to season my own catwalk reports.

I’d love to win the Look competition
To help me fulfil a lifetime ambition-
Of blogging a fashion show from start to end-
Spotting the looks, the labels and the next biggest trend.

That must-have new dress or great pair of chinos
I write about the things I love and admire-
Essentially anything I hope will inspire

My blog may not be hip, ultra-trendy or swish
But winning this contest is my biggest wish
So come on, Look judges, pick me to blog the show
Set me on the way to becoming a pro.

A bona-fide fashion blogger, the new Tavi, Susie, Garance
The role I’d aspire to if I won the chance
To post about this fantastic occasion
Me + Look = the winning equation!

And that's it! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Sarah's blog is great - she should definitely win!

  2. Awh I love your entry! Wish I had the skillz to compose a little poem too. All the best for the competition Sarah (:

  3. Wow Sarah! So impressed, really hope you win! Love love love your entry! xx

  4. I love this, and it is definitely one of the unique ones that I've seen. Good luck and fingers crossed for us! xoxo

  5. This is a great entry, one of my faves. :) I've entered too!

  6. This was beautifully written and so heart-felt! Good luck. I hope you win. xoxo

  7. Good luck! Hope you win! :)

  8. This is a really lovely, whitty entry. I always admire those that can make good rhyming poems as it's a skill that evades me.
    Congratulations on making the top 20 (even though it's a bit late, sorry!) and good luck for the final 5! :)


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