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22.08.2011- The Look Show!

Hello! A quick post before I combust with excitement- I just arrived home to an email from the lovely Look team telling me I've been shortlisted as one of the Top 20 bloggers in their blogging competition! I'm honestly speechless! I loved putting together my entry and am so so chuffed it's been picked as one of the top 20. Massive congratulations to everyone else who was shortlisted, let's all go and have some cake in celebration! Also best of luck to everyone for the next stage and thanks so much again to Look!

P.S Fear not, I have a Monday Must-haves post waiting in the wings for later and normal service shall be resumed when I've recovered! :)

(Image credit: Look.)


  1. Congratulations Sarah, that's amazing news! You must be thrilled. :) x

  2. Yesss! So pleased for you! Have fun celebrating! xx

  3. I'm so happy for you! all your posts are beautiful

  4. Congratulations on being shortlisted!
    Well done :D

    I wish you the best of LOOK for the next step!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS :) i found your blog through the list.. i read the first few lines of your about me and it was an instant "follow"..

    how could i not?
    how doesnt love cake?
    ive been scrolling through your posts and no wonder youre on that list :)

  6. Congratulations!! :D It's soooo exciting!!

    T & J

    The Style Rawr! - UK Style and Fashion Blog.



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