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22.08.2011- Monday Must-haves

Hello lovelies! I've just about gathered myself after my earlier post! Hope you're all having a beautiful start to the week. Here's my round up of everything I'm currently coveting (and trying to make space for in my wardrobe!)

I've posted about these paperbag style skirts from New Look before, and, after picking up the dusty pink version for a bargain price of £15 in the sale, I've now got my eye on these other colours- the deep red one is edging ahead at the moment. Another coat from Oasis after last week's post (sorry for being so predictable!) but when I saw this gorgeous 60s style mac I couldn't resist including it. I've posted before about my hunt for the perfect Breton top, and after a few unsuccessful purchases, I stumbled across this one from French Connection, which I've got very high hopes for! Inkeeping with the rather Parisian flavour, I've included these pale pink French Sole ballet pumps...a girl can dream, right? And after seeing this beautiful ring over at the Temporary:Secretary store, I had to feature it- so cute. Finally, this Tesco tote is too much of a bargain to refuse and this lovely lace top from Urban Outfitters has been on my 'to buy' list for ages.

Did you have a good weekend? And what items are you coveting at the moment?

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters, Temporary:Secretary, New Look, Oasis, French Connection, French Sole and Tesco.)


  1. I love the paperbag skirts!

  2. I love paperbag skirts, I already have a blue one from TopShop but I love that red one.
    The swing mac is really cute too xoxo

  3. Those skirts look adorable :) especially the red one!

  4. love the paperbag skirts :) x

  5. Thank you for featuring the ring, S! It is one of my favourites. Some people (friends) have looked at it and screeched "who would buy that!!" but i really do love it! xxx

  6. That skirt and ring is gorgeous!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  7. Love the skirts, the colours are lovely!

  8. your blog is wonderful, love all the fashion inspiration. so glad i found you from the look competition. CONGRATULATIONS <3


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