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24.08.2011- Brighton Rock

If you've been shopping over the last few weeks, then you can't fail to have noticed the arrival of a slew of 1960s style designs on the high street. And if you've been inspired by what you've seen of the mods and rockers vibe so far, then you'll love this shoot from the September issue of US Vogue:

Natalia Vodianova and Sam Riley by Mert & Marcus, US Vogue September 2011, styled by Grace Coddington.
I love the sharp tailoring, bright colours and graphic prints, and Natalia rocks a beehive and smoky eye like no-one else can. Plus it's great to see Sam Riley (who was so good in Control) hitting the big time in America, as the adaptation of Brighton Rock in which he stars is released over there. Definitely a must-watch if you need a further dose of 60s inspiration.

What do you think of this shoot? And have you been inspired by any 60s fashion you've seen on the high street so far?

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue.)


  1. I adore 60s style and I adore this spread! Looks like I need to pick up the September Issue asap! xo

  2. It's probably not a style I'd wear myself but it looks lovely on other people!

  3. yes the tailoring is so classy and elegant- Natalia never ages!!!
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  4. I love this shoot. Thanks for sharing it :)

    Love your new follower dani xx
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  5. I love 1960's style - so glamorous!
    Hollie x

  6. this editorial is just lovely, i didn't even realize it was natalia at first! she looks wonderful.


  7. I LOVE the models hair & make up! x


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