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10.09.2011- My Month in Pictures: August

My August came and went in a flash! All in all it was a pretty busy month, and alas not many opportunities to take photographs as I have been busy working/interning/freaking out about being a grown up! Here are the few pictures I did manage to snap:

5th August- Painted my nails in Mavala's Elle Orange, which came free with the September issue of ELLE. Beautifully bright to make up for the dreary weather!

5th August- Received this vintage Liberty print scarf as a belated birthday present from my lovely friend Liz.

17th August- Had my lovely, spacious new sliding wardrobe fitted as my old one was falling to bits. The hanging space is amazing!

 18th August- Splashed out and treated myself to two Clinique skincare products (they have done wonders for my face!) and got these lovely free goodies as part of their 'Bonus Time' promotion.

27th August- Spent a day I had off work shopping in London town, and caught this rainbow on the way home!

How was your August?
(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission. Images edited using Picnik.)


  1. I love the colour of the orange nail varnish, and that last photograph of the rainbow is amazing! xx

  2. my august was great!!! awww i also saw a rainbow in august as well!! but it was a double rainbow!!!

  3. The scarf is gorgeous, you're so lucky!

  4. Wish i'd known about the Clinique offer!!

  5. I don't think i can remember August. I need to start taking more pics so that I can look back and remember things more!! I keep forgetting that my phone has a camera and that I can snap at any time - I am so behind on the times! :/ xxx

  6. Love the scarf <3 and belated Birthday wishes, hope you ad a fab day xxx

  7. I love your new wardrobe - it's so pretty! :)
    The Clinque cleansers look glorious, i'm so tempted to treat my awful skin to some decent products too!

  8. I really want to treat myself to some skincare products, not too sure where to start though!


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