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18.09.2011- Sunday Style Spotlight #4: Clémence Poésy

Clémence Poésy has long been on one my fashion favourites. With her effortless approach to red carpet dressing, Clémence has developed a signature style which is laid back and understated, but at the same time classically elegant and oh so French. I've always thought that French women have all the luck when it comes to nailing the 'Oh, I just threw this old thing on!' look- they somehow manage to look amazing in clothes which your average human would look ridiculous in. But, after looking at Clémence's style, I think I've cracked the Parisienne formula- she usually goes for black and navy outfits which are deceptively simple, but which often incorporate quirky details, whether it be a ribbon around the waist or a peter pan collar, and she always keeps accessories to a minimum:
If, unlike Clémence, you don't have a free pass to outfit upon outfit from Chanel, then her look is fairly easily to replicate on the high street. Cute swing dresses with collar details are absolutely everywhere this season, and sticking to a classic colour palette will help to replicate some of that effortless Parisienne magic. Less really is more in this case, so keep accessories co-ordinated, and incorporate a bit of monochrome to nod to classic Chanel. Perfect!

What do you think of Clémence Poésy's style? Are you a fan?

(Image credit: Look, Vogue, Zimbio, Google Images, Accessorize, Oasis, Warehouse, New Look, Rokit and ASOS.)


  1. Clemence always looks amazing! I love the Warehouse blouse, so pretty x

  2. I've always loved Clemence Poesy - she is just the epitome of effortless sophistication! She is just so naturally beautiful too, which is a breath of fresh air these days.
    I love the high street pieces you've picked out - the Warehouse blouse is stunning! x

  3. I love her style so much, she always looks amazing

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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