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20.09.2011- Fashion's Night Out 2011

This year's Fashion's Night Out in London was a busy one for me! I was up at 6.30am, rushed up to London on the probably the most packed commuter train this side of India, and struggled all morning trying to affix a silly hat to my apparently abnormally shaped head. Never fear, however, as this was not part of the FNO craziness, but instead my experience of graduation! I might pop a cheeky picture or two of the event up on here soon, but suffice it to say billowing robes are a look that only Gandalf can rock. After a panic phone call to my mum ('The hat won't stay on, I need your help!'), I made it across the stage without falling over and had a really lovely time, regardless of the sartorial challenge trying to look elegant whilst being strangled by acres of material presented. After the ceremony, my parents and I went to The Dorchester for their gorgeous afternoon tea (which I blogged about when I first went back in March) before I met up with my best friend Sarah and we began our Fashion's Night Out in earnest:

We kicked off the night by having a browse around Selfridges, where we spotted this beautiful display in the Tiffany window, and kicked ourselves for painting our nails the night before, meaning we couldn't get a free Chanel manicure!

Next up we headed down to Mount Street, where we were surprised to find Marc by Marc Jacobs empty. Compared to the mania of last year, it was eerily quiet. Not that we were complaining, however, when we got a free canvas tote bag each after making a purchase just after 6pm (when the event officially started). Bingo!

As we made our way along Mount Street, we stopped for some obligatory outfit snaps, and I once again proved that I am incapable of pulling a normal facial expression. 
Dress- French Connection
Jacket- Zara
Shoes- Carvela at Debenhams (in the sale!)
Bag- Urban Outfitters

Sarah's outfit:
Skirt- Topshop
Blazer- Zara
Shoes- Office
Bag- Mulberry

Along the way we bumped into our lovely friend Liz, who looked amazing in this monochrome outfit.

We then headed down to Net-A-Porter's Window Shop- a pop up shop front which was interactive! All you had to do was download a special app (or in my case borrow an iPad from one of the lovely team stationed outside) and you could be in with the chance of winning an item from the window display.

After scanning the window, we didn't win anything but as we were some of the first fifty people at the The Window Shop, we were given a goody bag containing a £50 voucher to use on! We were speechless!
After popping into Lanvin for some lovely macaroons, we headed over to Bond Street, where things were crazy. I have never seen things so busy, but there was a great atmosphere. Unlike last year, many shops had lengthy queues of people waiting to get in, something which seemed to go against the inclusive ethos of Fashion's Night Out. Nevertheless, it was great to see what all of the stores had going on, and I loved the window display outside Louis Vuitton and this NYC taxi outside DKNY.

Our final stop of the night was Mulberry. Although we had to queue to get it, the line moved quite quickly and it was worth it once we got inside and were promptly invited to enter a raffle to win a bag and a luxury holiday. After having a browse around the store and spotting Cara Delevingne (she is stunning), we had our photo taken against the woodland themed backdrop (along with a lovely girl we met in the queue outside!) and managed to get our hands on a goody bag each.

 Amongst the madness we also popped in to Diane Von Furstenberg, where they were handing out freebie fragrance samples, and where we starred in our own mini-movie:

All in all, this year's Fashion's Night Out was a great one. Although it was disheartening to see some of the bigger, more premium brands had invite only events/enormous queues outside, if you knew where to be then there was a brilliant time to be had. I still can't quite believe we were given the Net-A-Porter vouchers (I'm still deliberating what to buy!), and it was great to go to the Mulberry party as the atmosphere was amazing (as was the goody bag!) Much like last year, it was a case of being in the right place at the right time! Bring on FNO 2012!

Did you go to Fashion's Night Out? If so, what did you get up to?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell and City Girl's Fashion Box, please do not reproduce without permission. Video credit: sarahjsandiford on Youtube.)


  1. SO jealous you got to attend Fashion's Night Out! I don't even remember what I was doing that night... probably sitting around with my boyfriend playing Xbox, hahaha.

    x Michelle |

  2. Tiffany's is amazing isn't it? i went there over the summer.

  3. Looks like a fun time!

  4. wow looks like so much fun. I've never been to lfw but I'm totally going to tag along with other bloggers next year!

  5. You are so lucky!!! How utterly fabulous! :) You girls look adorable. I'm glad you had fun! xoxo

  6. Looks like you had an absolutely amazing night! I would have loved to have been there. I love that Marc Jacobs tee!
    You, Sarah and Liz looked fantastic :)

  7. Nice blog *


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