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23.09.2011- Most Wanted: Topshop Limited Edition Dresses

As we slowly but surely crawl towards Christmas and what has now become known as 'party season', thoughts inevitably turn to that age old conundurum- what do I wear? There is something about festive dressing which really frightens me- I put it down to an unsavoury altercation with a gold sequinned number from Primark a few years back- but it seems to me that there's a very fine line between looking glamourous and looking like you belong on the Christmas tree. Thank goodness, then, for Topshop's new collection of Limited Edition Dresses:

Scallop Embellished Drop Waisted Dress, £165

Embellished Bodice Dress, £185

Scattered Bead Maxi Dress, £150
With couture inspired details and sparkling embellishments, this lovely little lot are the perfect way to do classy Christmas dressing, and the fact that they don't scream 'festive' in the same way as my Primark number did means that they'll easily see you through next spring and beyond.

What do you think of Topshop's new Limited Edition Dresses? And have you ever had any festive fashion nightmares?

(Image credit: Topshop.)


  1. I love these sort of dresses with all the sparkle and beads, really like that third one! xo

  2. I'm absolutely addicted to topshop, the embellishment on these dresses are just stunning!
    I loved your post on NYFW below btw, Jason Wu's my fave so far :)

  3. They're really pretty but not really me!

  4. love the scattered beaded dress. GREAT blog .

    do check out/ follow 'betsie'.

  5. I had a look at these on the website earlier, some of them are so nice. I love the ones you have featured here, very pretty. x

  6. I completely agree with not going too overboard with the gold in the festive season - these are gorgeous though, just the right balance. I think my favourite has to be the maxi dress, absolutely stunning!


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