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27.10.2011- Film Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a film which is pretty tricky to categorise. Part romantic comedy, part relationship drama, the narrative centres on down-on-his-luck Cal Weaver (brilliantly played by Steve Carell), who discovers his wife Emily has been having an affair with one of her work colleagues. Devastated when Emily asks for a divorce, newly single Cal heads to a local bar, contemplating his failings as a father and husband over a vodka and cranberry. Enter professional ladies man Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), who makes it his mission to transform Cal from a trainer wearing loser with a habit of buying suits two sizes too big into a stylish, confident bachelor (much like Jacob himself.) Introduce a parallel storyline with the charming Emma Stone and you've got a recipe for cinematic success.

The most memorable element of Crazy, Stupid, Love for me (with the exception of that 'photoshopped' scene) was the dialogue. Dan Fogelman's script is simultaneously funny and deeply sincere, and the situations which he creates on screen are grounded in a reality which the audience understands, allowing us to really connect with the characters. The funny moments (especially Emily's Twilight admission and Cal's encounter with Marisa Tomei's maniacal teacher) aren't knowingly funny either, which makes them laugh-out-loud hilarious. In short, the comedy is so successful because it has been brilliantly observed, but also because it is perfectly balanced with moments of pathos which aren't overly sentimental or gushy.

The performances too, make the film a real joy to watch. Steve Carell is completely believable as the hapless Cal, and we root for him throughout. Julianne Moore is as radiant as ever as Emily, and it's a testament to her sensitive performance and the quality of the writing that we never see her as the villain of the piece for cheating on her husband. Ryan Gosling excels as lovable rogue Jacob, and Crazy, Stupid, Love looks set to be the film which cements his mainstream appeal (I can't wait to see him in The Ides of March, either). On paper, Jacob could come across as a shallow and highly unlikeable womaniser, but in the hands of Gosling the character is both charming and attractive. However, the revelation of this film for me was Emma Stone, who plays hapless Hannah, a trainee lawyer who is seriously unlucky in love until she catches Jacob's eye. Her performance is endearing, intelligent and she brings a real lightness of touch to the piece.

Overall, if I were to sum up Crazy, Stupid, Love in one word, it would be charming. Unlike so many films which fall under the 'rom-com' umbrella, it doesn't patronise its audience, and allows us to connect with an ensemble of characters who are both likeable and utterly believable. The unexpected (yet somehow everyday) nature of the comedy combined with the completely sincere relationships at the heart of the film really reminded me of Little Miss Sunshine (one of my all-time favourites). It's proof of the strength of the script that I didn't see the twist towards the end of coming at all, and, much like Little Miss Sunshine, Crazy, Stupid, Love is a film which I'm sure I'll never tire of watching.

Have you seen Crazy, Stupid, Love? If so, what did you think?

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  1. i totally want to go and see this! I love Emma Stone's sarcastic comedy haha. Great Review!:)

    Mollie from musicandmollie

  2. Beautiully written Sarah! Absolutely loved this film, the ending was perfect and the humour was brilliant! Great review xxx

    ps. how did you get a wee picture as your little icon in the address bar? Does that make any sense or does it only to me hahaha!? x

  3. I saw the trailer for this last night and was thinking I'd quite like to see it!

    Fab review!

    I think Ryan Gosling being in it def sways it for me too ;)

    Clare x

  4. I loved the movie! So much fun and of course Ryan Gosling is pretty cute:)


  5. Sorry - I hated it. And I thought Emma Stone completely overrated. I found nearly all the characters - especially the female ones - unappealing and impossible to relate to. But maybe I was in a bad mood...

    And didn't Kevin Bacon look so OLD?! I am still loving him from Footloose days... it must be my age....

  6. this should be a really funny movie.I'm definately going to see it


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