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07.11.2011- Monday Must-haves

This week's Must-haves post is uncharacteristically co-ordinated, but, as we head deeper into winter, I'm finding myself being drawn to darker colours and pieces I know I'll be able to rely upon as the weather worsens:

As soon as I saw this dress, it rocketed straight to the top of my shopping list. I adore this style of clothing- relaxed, comfortable and classically stylish. I've picked up a few pieces from Vaudeville and Burlesque at Urban Outfitters before and have been really impressed with the quality and fit, and the versatility of this smock dress means that it works out as quite affordable (and much less of a guilty splurge!) if we look at it on a cost-per-wear basis. This horse print top from H&M is charming- I adore the photo print, and it's perfect for teaming with a pair of jeans and a chunky cardigan for the winter. I've also been drawn to hats quite a lot over the last few weeks, which has resulted in some mixed fortunes. Embarrassingly enough, I seem to possess an abnormally large head, which means as a rule I normally have to buy hats from the menswear section. Bad times. However, this hat from Miss Selfridge could be the one to break the curse- I just love how simple it is and it would be perfect for the colder weather. This ring from Whistles is so cute, and instantly reminded me of Christmas- I'm thinking of buying it just to remind me that I must start my present buying sooner rather than later! These River Island boots are also ideal for negotiating puddles/snow/soggy leaves, and look to be the perfect halfway house between the ultra-trendy Chelsea style and a more traditional design. Finally, this gorgeous black blouse from Monki is the perfect take on florals for the chillier months, and is another really versatile find.

What do you think of my picks for this week? And have you picked up any winter essentials yet?

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters, H&M, Miss Selfridge, Whistles, River Island and Monki.)


  1. I love the bow ring, it's soooo cute. I just got a sweater that i ordered in the mail today and it was too big so I must exchange it. That's all I've gotten so far!

    Mabel Time

  2. The dress is PRETTY. at a glance, i thought the model was Alexa Chung. Seems like something she'd wear. x

  3. i love the h&m top but the hat would look great with a chunky cardigan and scarf this time of year :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  4. The dress and boots are lovely! I'm not really a Tiffany fan but the bow ring is pretty cute too :) x

  5. Love the hat and boots!! great selection xx

  6. i really like the UO dress but like most stuff from them its just a bit too pricey :/ x

  7. I want that Tiffany bow ring!! So pretty. :)

  8. too many lovely things!
    I got a great coat in New Look with 30% off this week, so cold so it really was essential

  9. Ohh! that dress is dreamy O_O (though sadly far out of my price range!)

    Ehe i have quite a small head! so sunglasses and most hats look pretty much ridiculous on me! O_o

    Your blog is lovely! xx


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