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05.12.11- Monday Must-haves: The Christmas Countdown

With less than three weeks to go until Christmas Day, it seems fitting that the Must-haves posts which I'm putting together for December should have a festive theme. I'm winning the war against my Christmas shopping at the moment, with only a few more things to pick up before I can sit down and enjoy a mince pie (or three!) However, as I've been browsing the shops over the last few weeks, I've been feeling quite uninspired by what I've seen and have found that the pennies don't seem to be stretching as far as I'd like them to. So, with this in mind, I've put together a little gift guide- this week featuring a whole hosts of items which come in at £20 or under- to offer a bit of thrifty present inspiration:

These cupcake moulds may just be my ideal present, combining two of my greatest loves in life: tea and cake. Perfect for a baking aficionado or a happy amateur (like me!), and a really cute present. I think this ring from Urban Outfitters is lovely too- it's a really great way to give a personalised gift without breaking the bank. I included this beautiful notebook from Topshop as I think it's a perfectly practical gift, whether it's for someone who loves making lists or who has a long list of resolutions which they intend to conquer in 2012. My Week with Marilyn (the book by Colin Clark upon which the recently released film is based) would be a brilliant present for any Marilyn fan, or for anyone who has had their curiosity sparked after seeing the film. This ring from Accessorize is beautifully ornate, and would be a lovely finishing touch to any festive outfit (and perfect for a jewellery magpie like me!) Again, no party season would be complete without the perfect red lipstick, and this offering from Paul and Joe is the perfect shade of Christmas cranberry. Speaking practically once again, this adorable jewellery holder from Forever 21 is an ideal gift, which I'm sure would prove invaluable all year round. This Whittard cup and saucer set is a beautifully ornate present for any tea obsessive- although I almost think it's too pretty to use! Finally, this Yves Saint Laurent colouring book is a steal at under £5, and is the perfect way to incorporate a touch of (affordable!) high fashion magic into Christmas.

How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? And what do you think of my under £20 picks?

(Image credit: Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Accessorize, Paul & Joe, Forever 21 and Whittard.)


  1. I LOVE the teacup cup cake cases! I'm definitely getting those for my sister. Handmade gifts have fallen somewhat on their face.. xx

  2. I only have three left to buy but they are the most expensive so I am not really winning the war haha! I love the Alice and Wonderland tea set, think I can have juice in it as I don't drink hot drinks?!


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