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11.12.11- Sunday Style Spotlight #10: Liv Tyler

Since the age of about 11 (when I became obsessed with all things Lord of the Rings!), I've really admired Liv Tyler's style. Her attitude to fashion is relaxed, classic and easy-going, capturing an attitude which is quintessentially New York. As someone who is a little bit on the tall side, I also look to Liv (who is 5' 10") for inspiration- I love the way she returns to trusty staple items and never picks up a trend just for the sake of it. She's perfected the accessible wardrobe- cute patterned dresses teamed with beautifully cut blazers, understated accessories and timeless designer pieces all combine to create a series of signature looks which are effortlessly stylish:

This look is cool and uncomplicated, featuring items which are really versatile and classic. This beautiful pansy print dress from Warehouse is a dead ringer for the Thakoon design which Liv wore to the New York premiere of her film Super, and it's a piece that would look amazing dressed up or down. This blazer from River Island has a really luxe feel thanks to the leather effect lapels, and I think it's a staple item which you could wear again and again. These limited edition heels from New Look are stunning, and co-ordinate perfectly with the oversized clutch bag from Miss Selfridge- I love the gold accents. Finally, there are few things more classic than a pop of red lipstick, and this shade from Topshop is a brilliantly bold finishing touch.

What do you think of Liv Tyler's style? And who is your fashion icon?

(Image credit: Look, Google Images, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, New Look, Topshop and River Island.)


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