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15.12.2011- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I have to confess, I'm a little bit behind with my Christmas preparations this year. All of my presents are bought, but my cards are yet to be written out and the tree is still waiting to go up. I'm slowly but surely feeling more festive, and am confident that the decorations will be finished this weekend. After watching this video of the beautiful Lanvin tree being installed at Claridge's Hotel, I'm feeling pretty inspired to recreate some of Alber Elbaz' quirky Christmas magic in my own front room:

I can't work out whether the video is amazing or a bit creepy (considering I've got a lifelong fear of ventriloquist's dummies, the animated faces are a bit scary!), but the tree itself is stunning. And I'd love to go for afternoon tea with amazing does that raspberry macaroon look?

Are you prepared for Christmas? And what do you think of the Lanvin tree?

(Video credit: Youtube.)


  1. I'm not prepared at all! Need to wrap and decorate. Everything is so manic this time of year eeek x

  2. Ok, yes../ the dolls are a bit creepy, I'm not a big doll fan. But I LOVED the video Loved loved loved... and I love the house and all the littel detials. So beautiful :)


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