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16.12.2011- Weekend Wishes

Although I hate the snow, there is something quite magical about it, especially at this time the year. Not so magical, however, is the sight of me dressed head to toe in my cold weather gear- think Abominable Snowman crossed with Scott of the Antarctic and you're there. With the wintry weather set to continue, my wish for this weekend is to look this cool in the snow...

Chasing Wolves by Harper Smith, Factory Winter 2010.
...although I'm not convinced how of how sensible it is to step outside in this weather without a coat!

How are you finding the cold weather? And what are your wishes for this weekend?

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue.)


  1. It would be nice to not cover up a pretty outfit with a giant puffy coat, but I don't think it's real life. All I hope for this weekend is to get over my wretched cold! They actually sent me home from work today lol.

    Mabel Time

  2. This shoot is amazing!

    I just want to keep warm, Jersey is just wet, windy and rainy I wish it was snowing and look as pretty as that!


  3. This shoot is gorgeous! Winter fashion is always beautiful, but these photographs make it look even better.



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