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17.12.2011- Festive Dress Guide Part Three: The Repeat Offender

With only a week to go until Christmas Day, I'm beginning to frantically trawl online shops (I'm looking at you ASOS!) looking for an outfit. However, I'm reluctant to part with my pennies for something which I'll only wear once, a dilemma which has inspired this instalment of my Festive Dress Guide. Featuring a selection of frocks which I've chosen to dub The Repeat Offenders, these are investment buys at their best:

I loved this Designed By Miss Selfridge maxi dress when it landed online about a month or so ago, but it sold out almost instantly. However, I believe it will be making a reappearance on the Miss Selfridge website within the next week or so, so fingers crossed I'll be able to snag it the second time around- I just love everything about it and think it'd be great to have as we move into the spring. The beaded French Connection dress is a beautiful colour and I think it's a really versatile piece- the perfect thing to invest in as a 'go-to' party option. I've also recently discovered Claudie Pierlot's designs for Urban Outfitters, and this space print frock is stunning- a definite keeper. This velvet dress from Boutique by Jaeger has been reduced by almost £100 in their sale, and it's an instant classic which I'm sure would never go out of fashion. Finally, this burgundy design by Dahlia is another really versatile piece which is really wearable, and which would look lovely come rain, snow or sunshine!

Have you got your Christmas outfit planned?

(Image credit: Miss Selfridge, French Connection, Urban Outfitters, Jaeger and Dahlia.)


  1. I really wish I was tall enough to pull off that leather maxi. Saw it on Oxford st and fell in love x


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