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27.12.11- Bal Masqué

If you're still searching for inspiration for an outfit to wear to any New Year's Eve parties you may be going to at the weekend, look no further than this stunning editorial from Vogue China:

Flower Power, featuring Sui He, shot by Mark Segal, Vogue China December 2011.
Even if you're not headed to anything as glamorous as a masquerade ball, I love the idea of getting dressed up to see in the New Year (start as you mean to go on and all that!) As it is, I'll probably end up watching the fireworks on telly in wearing my pyjamas (I never really get up to anything for New Year's!), but it's the thought that counts, right?

Have you got any plans for New Year's Eve? And what do you think of this editorial?

(Image credit: NOIR FACADE.)


  1. I don't have any plans :/ But I'd love to go to a masquerade ball!

    Mabel Time

  2. Amazing pics........xx

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! How beautiful is Sui He? I'm just going to my local pub for New Year, not quite as glamorous as a masquerade ball! xx

  4. I'm not doing anything as glamorous as you, but I wish I was! Very jealous. Enjoy new year!

    Sophie x x

  5. I'll be the same as you, can't be bothered to get all dressed up and the likes!!



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