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03.01.2012- tba SS12

If the gale force winds and the pelting rain which have made a somewhat unexpected (if not altogether uncharacteristic!) appearance across the UK today have you longing for the warmer weather, then look no futher than tba's SS12 collection for some much needed fair-weather fashion inspiration:

Long term readers will know I'm a massive fan of all things tba, and Binbin McNiven has once again come up trumps with this collection. I adore the touches of lace and crochet, and it goes without saying that I'm already drawing up a shopping list! I also love the cinematic feel of these lookbook images- they really remind me of vintage holiday pictures (and have me suddenly wanting to pop along to the travel agents...)

Are you eagerly anticipating the warmer weather? And what do you think of tba's SS12 collection?

(Image credit: London.)


  1. I am madly in love with the dress in the second photo. Le sigh.

  2. I think everybody's currently wishing it was warmer weather. The second and third dresses would be perfect for spring x

  3. For girls with wonderful legs only, no? Cute, but bit on the short side for us mortals....

  4. Oh my! What dreamy outfits! Wearing anything like this seems so far away at the moment -siiigh-


  5. These are such pretty outfits! Makes me wish my heat weren't broken!!!

    Mabel Time


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