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04.01.2012- Chanel goes Olympic

With 2012 well and truly underway, Olympic fever seems to have taken over London. Only today, we heard that too many tickets have been sold for the synchronised swimming (how on earth this happened baffles me!), but, this mistake aside, I think it's great that people are getting so excited about the games. And it seems that Londoners aren't the only ones looking forward to the sporting events of August- as these stunning images from Chanel's SS12 ad campaign prove:

Chanel SS12 Ready-to-Wear Ad Campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfeld.
I love how these shots marry together the aquatic theme of Chanel's SS12 show and some Olympic inspired action. I wonder if Karl Lagerfeld has volunteered to design the tracksuits for the French team?

What do you think of Chanel's SS12 ad campaign? And are you looking forward to the Olympics?

(Image credit: Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel.)


  1. these are spectacular! wow such clean lines :)
    I can't wait to see the olympics and wish i could be in london for them, it must be an amazing atmosphere

  2. I've just come across these in this months Elle, they're stunning! The only thing is the socks on the model balancing on the rope ladder look a bit strange!
    I'm not that fussed on the Olympics at the moment but I'll probably be glued to the TV in the summer!


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