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10.01.2012- Where the brass bands play...

..."tiddely om-pom-pom!" I love going to the seaside, but living in a country where beach weather is a rare luxury (and believe me it's elbows at dawn for deckchair space the second the first rays of sunshine make an appearance!), trips to the seafront are few and far between. Thank goodness, then, for Mulberry, who in their SS12 campaign have managed to capture the magic of the British seaside with a charming shoot set against the backdrop of Brighton Pier...

Lindsey Wixson and Frida Gustavsson for Mulberry SS12, shot by Tim Walker.
I love the bright colours combined with the quirky cartoon-like set pieces. And I wonder if those ice creams are edible?

What do you think of Mulberry's SS12 campaign?

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue.)


  1. Lindsey Wixon is such an erm acquired taste shall we say, i love these shots however - how much artificial lighting do you think they had to use ;) xxx

  2. Oh I haven't seen these before. They are gorgeous! I want to save them and look at them time and again ::) xx

  3. Great post. Loving the campaign! It's nice to see designers doing something "fun" and out-of-the-box for a change. x

  4. Wow! I love this campaign. It just screams summer, the sets are fabulous! X

  5. Love these shots, wish the models smiled a little though would fit in with the fun theme more x

  6. I have to agree with Sarah, not that keen on Lindsey Wixson however Frida makes up for the both of them!!



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