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12.01.2012- River of Dreams

I knew this would happen. After working at River Island for over two and a half years and hardly touching my staff discount, they go and release a killer collection which I'd snap up in a heartbeat the second I leave (having been offered another job, I hasten to add!) Their take on SS12 is distinctly high fashion- goodbye diamanté trimmed crop tops, hello pretty pastels, airy fabrics and a selection of pieces which look as if they've come direct from the catwalk:

The candy colours and translucent fabrics really remind me of the Louis Vuitton show, and the top to toe metallic look in the last shot is very Christopher Kane, don't you think?

Are you impressed by River Island's collection for SS12? Which look is your favourite?

(Image credit: River Island.)


  1. oooh I rarely shops there, I find everything very short but I love that blouse at the top. You have inspired me to take a look xx


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