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19.01.2012- Farewell to the Fairground

Whilst I'm yet to get around to putting together a post about my top five shows from the Paris SS12 presentations (a situation which will be rectified sooner rather than later before I become well and truly 'last season'!), one of the shows which really caught my attention back in October was Louis Vuitton. Themed around a giant fairground carousel, the presentation showcased a stunning array of shimmering, iridescent fabrics, pretty pastels and unashamedly feminine floral touches. The whole collection was a fairytale in motion, and these amazing behind-the-scenes shots from self service magazine capture the magic of the show perfectly:

Backstage at Louis Vuitton by Morgan O’Donovan, self service magazine.
What did you think of the Louis Vuitton SS12 presentation?

(Image credit: Morgan O’Donovan for self service magazine).


  1. Gah, the Louis Vuitton collection was absolutely beautiful! These photos are gorgeous too, I really like candid fashion shots (: Thanks for sharing lovely! xx

  2. lovely and bright, reminds me of a Doris Day musical x


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