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21.01.2012- (Whistles) Weekend Wishes

Whistles is a brand which I've admired for a while now, and since Jane Shepherdson was appointed as CEO, their fortunes have gone from strength to strength. Whilst my budget doesn't quite stretch to being able to snap up every piece, purchasing the occasional treat from Whistles is lovely (especially during their great end of season sales!), and the quality of the products really does shine through. Their upcoming range for SS12 looks to be their best yet, prompting my wish for this weekend- to pick up this lovely little lot:

I love how luxurious this collection is- hand cut lace, butter-like leather and super soft silks all combine to evoke a really high-end feel. I'm in love with the floral print pyjama suit (although I'm not sure I could get away with wearing the whole look at once!), and the scalloped detail lace dress is another standout piece. I'll definitely be saving my pennies as the summer creeps closer!

What do you think of Whistles' SS12 collection?

(Image credit: Whistles.)


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