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06.02.2012- Monday Must-haves: Zara's Spring Chic

I don't know whether it's the fact that I'm getting older (and hopefully wiser!), but I've noticed a distinct change in my spending habits over the last few months or so. Rather than spending on a whim, and stockpiling clothes like there's no tomorrow (as I was want to do when I had a NUS card and a student loan!), I'm now much more reluctant to part with my hard-earned pennies unless I absolutely love something. Maybe it's simply because there's not that much around at the moment, or because I'm making a conscious effort to be less carefree with my spending (I even put a total of £30.46 into my savings jar last month!), but I'm now treating my wardrobe as an investment. Rather than spend on lots on cheap pieces which will be destroyed after one wash, I'm opting for things which are a tad more expensive, better quality and which I can return to season after season. With this in mind, I need look no further than Zara, whose spring pieces are instant classics:

After seeing most of these pieces in store last week, I'm convinced my approach to a more sensible style of shopping is a good idea. This dress is stunning, and a really versatile take on the LBD. Although the collar is quite a trend-led addition, I honestly think that this piece is timeless- and rather evocative of Chanel, don't you agree? Both of these bags are even more covetable in the flesh, and really remind me of recent Celine designs. The small messenger style is ideal for evenings, and the bowling bag perfect for the daytime- it's also the perfect size to accommodate all of my essentials! This peter pan collar shirt is another classic item, and the simple monochrome colourway makes it perfect for styling in lots of different ways, whether casual or smart. Finally, these limited edition sunglasses are just perfect for the summer- sturdy and stylish, and much better value in the long run than replacing cheap pair after cheap pair when they invariably break!

Are you being more careful with your spending this year? What do you think of these Zara pieces? And what classic items are you on the lookout for?

(Image credit: Zara.) 


  1. Ooooh I love these bags Sarah, just a shame the tan coloured one is so expensive!

  2. Yes, very Chanel. I love it and want it! But alas I am on a spending ban and I am trying to be careful with my money this year, as you say. Zara is great for classic pieces, and I really want to invest in more clothes from there. Too. Many. Nice. Things!

    Karys x

  3. love the peter pan color on that black dress.

    thanks so much for your lovely comment! we love hearing from you!

    come visit us again soon :]
    xo, camilla & valerie

  4. Love that dress! I've been loving the collared look lately..

    found the route


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