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12.02.2012- Sunday Style Spotlight #14: Diana Vickers

I've been an admirer of Diana Vickers' style since she first came to our attention on The X Factor back in 2008 (back when the wardrobe team on that show knew what they were doing!), and have been really interested to see how her style has evolved over the last few years. It is quite tricky to pinpoint her signature style as she's something of a fashion chameleon and seems to really enjoy experimenting, but vintage pieces, staples from British brands (such as Mulberry) and little boho touches all combine to create a look which feels really accessible. Diana's love of fashion has also seen her collaborate with, for whom she has created her Dee V clothing range- heavily influenced by her love of all things vintage and her own personal style:

This look is really influenced by the 60s and Diana's Bardot-esque style. The lightweight coat from her range is really practical, and I love the vintage inspired shape. This dress from Aubin and Wills is adorable, and I love the burnt orange colour- the peter pan collar is also the perfect little nod to the 60s. I've teamed these loafers from River Island with the ankle socks just to keep the look quite soft and youthful, and the bracelet from Rokit is the perfect accessory to tie the whole look together. Finally, this satchel from Warehouse is an instant classic, and again captures a retro feel without looking too dated.

Are you a fan of Diana's style? And what do you think of this look?

(Image credit: Look, Glamour, Warehouse, Aubin & Wills,, River Island, Rokit and Miss Selfridge.)

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  1. I love her Very range, last summer she had a goregous long dress with birds on but it sold out really quickly :( She always looks gorgeous! x

  2. I love Diana Vickers' style. I'm really glad she now has a clothing range so I'll definitely be buying a few things from that collection!

    Sophie x x

  3. Her style is so flawless xoxo

  4. So pleased someone else likes Diana Vickers haha, all of my 'real life' friends hate her! I love the look you've put together, I love that her style is still quite cutesy and 60's, but much more refined and sophisticated nowadays (:

  5. Diana is always fun and quirky! I love that Aubin and Wills dress too x

  6. wow, I like all pieces and I guess these tasteful colors can't leave someone emotionless;)

  7. I want her hair! :D

  8. In that first and second picture i thought it was Rachale Zoe for a split second.


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