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26.02.2012- Weekend Wishes

A slightly belated instalment of Weekend Wishes (seeing as it's Sunday already!), but when I came across this gorgeous range of rings from Kat&Bee, I couldn't keep them to myself. I'm a self-confessed jewellery addict, and have amassed quite a collection of rings of late, so adding to my collection with these beautiful pieces seems like a perfect wish for this weekend:
Graha Ring, £65

Saachi Ring, £65

Dayita Ring, £170

Prithivi Ring, £205

They're stunning aren't they? I'm thinking of investing in one as the perfect way to update my ring collection for spring!

What do you think of Kat&Bee's rings? And what have you been up this weekend?

(Image credit: Kat&Bee.)


  1. So lovely aren't they.. top one is to die for <3

  2. Stunning, but a bit too expensive!

  3. gorgeous picks, really expensive though

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