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04.03.2012- Sunday Style Spotlight #15: Lily Collins

There's nothing like an Oscars red carpet appearance to boost your style profile, and in the midst of the awards mania which unfolded last Sunday, Lily Collins came up trumps. Although absent from the ceremony itself, she made a standout entrance at Vanity Fair's post awards party, wearing an amazing Monique Lhuillier gown which has since topped many a best-dressed poll. You might recognise Lily from supporting roles in films such at The Blind Side and Abduction, and this year she makes her first leading appearance in Mirror, Mirror. She has also written for magazines including Teen Vogue, ELLE Girl and Seventeen, all at the age of 22! Her style is elegant, young and fun, and, if her appearance at the Vanity Fair party is anything to go by, this year looks set to be the year that her style goes stellar:

This look was inspired by the outfit which Lily wore to Chanel's pre-Oscars party, focusing on the contrast between some really feminine pieces and the much tougher jacket. This is the kind of look I love as I think it's a really modern way of incorporating quite an an androgynous piece, wearing it alongside garments which you maybe wouldn't think of combining it with ordinarily. I've been wearing my faux-leather jacket from Zara to death since I bought it towards the end of last summer, and this style from H&M is really similar and a fantastic price. I love this swing shirt from River Island, and paired with this gorgeous midi skirt from New Look, it creates a really cute basis for the look. Perfectly co-ordinated with these amazingly priced ballet pumps from H&M and simple clutch bag from Miss Selfridge, you've got an outfit which is really girly but with a touch of rebel style.

What do you think of the outfit I've put together? And are you a fan of Lily Collins' style?

(Image credit: Look, Teen Vogue, NYLON, H&M, River Island, New Look and Miss Selfridge.)


  1. she was, without doubt, my best dressed of oscar night! Absolutely love her x

  2. ooh, i hadn't seen her Oscar dress prior to reading this post, it's gorgeous! Lily Collins always gets the perfect balance; she does ladylike but continually adds a subtle edginess to her look :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  3. love the outfit you have chosen!
    I just bought a nice biker jacket, and that new look midi skirt is calling out to me now :) x

  4. I love that Midi Skirt... Defo going to purchase :)

    Great blog

  5. I have that midi-skirt ^_^ definitely gonna use it to channel Lily's style! xoxo

  6. the outfit you put together is so perfect, oh i want it ! x

  7. She's so pretty, i love the black and white photo of her! x

  8. I love Lily, she's so gorgeous, and has such lovely, classy style.


  9. love your choices! and she has a super cute style.xx


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