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07.03.2012-What I Wore Today #12

Do you ever wake up in the morning determined to wear something you've planned in advance only to have your idea for the perfect outfit ruined by the weather? Well, that very thing happened to me this morning- I had a spring-inspired (or sprin-spired, if you will!) outfit ready and raring to, but, in my eagerness to give a few of my new season purchases an airing, I woefully underestimated that most unpredictable of style dictates- otherwise known as the Great British weather. Gloomy drizzle and a chilly wind put paid to my plan for wearing this outfit out and about today, but I caught it on camera before I retreated into my cosy jumper and coat!

Top- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Scarf- Rokit

I picked up this top in Topshop just after Christmas and I think it's perfect for tapping into the pastel and metallic trends which are proving so prominent this season. I picked up some new jeans from Topshop last week too, and re-bought their Kristen style after getting my first few pairs last year- they really are a dream in denim! And, just to prove that I'm not a walking advert for Arcadia, I added this lovely floral scarf from Rokit for just to break up the block colour of the top. 

How much are your outfits dictated by the weather?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I like the look of your top lots-looks shimmery :D

  2. This top is so so pretty! Love how the metallicyness (a word I'm sure) makes it a bit different from all the other pastels on the highstreet : )


  3. i live in canada and we have similar bi-polar weather and yes that happens to me all the time, sighh so sad :( i never plan ahead anymore... your outfit turned out super cute though! love the top :)



  4. love the shiney top! the weather doesn't matter much to me, I'm always in black tights and a cardi! x

  5. the sequined tee is amazing <3
    x the cookies

  6. Yeah, I definitely hate it when the weather spoils a fabulous outfit, especially when there are fun plans involved! :S

    You look lovely, however. I adore your sparkly top. xo

  7. I have a top similar to this and I never think of wearing it other than for a sparkly night out, but might just find it (in the big pile of clothes on my floor :/) and give it a go one day :) xxx


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