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27.03.2012- In good Company

As a rule, there are no magazines which I pick up religiously. Correction- there were no magazines which I picked up religiously until the revamp of Company magazine three months ago. Whereas I can take or leave Elle depending on who the cover star is each month, and object to shelling out over £4 for comparatively little content (cough cough Vogue!), Company is well on the way to transforming me into a loyal reader after only a handful of revamped issues. Not only are their cover stars consistently strong, but the £2 price point makes it a really purse friendly treat. I also love the mix of articles (this month's on not giving up your dream job really struck a chord with me!) and the way in which Company are really engaging with bloggers, online crossovers (through amazing street style features) and pitching an array of really affordable fashion in their editorials. From an aesthetic point of view, I love the new typography and design, which has served to make the title really standout from its monthly competitors. Their sister publication, the bi-annual High Street Edit is also packed full of accessible and affordable pieces, showcasing content which is both refreshing and relevant. For the first time in ages, I look forward to popping to the newsagents at the start of each month to pick up a copy- and find that I can't put the new issue down once I've bought it. For someone who usually has the attention span of a fruit fly, this is no mean feat, and I can't wait to see what the next issue has in store.

What do you think of the revamped Company? Are you a fan?

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  1. I love the new Company!
    I will definitely be buying it every month, which means a lot because I don't buy any other magazine on a regular basis :)

  2. I'd never bought Company until I saw the first revamped edition with Alexa on it. I'm now a convert, same reasons as you really :) I buy Elle every now and then but am trying to limit the amount of mags I buy a month! xx

  3. you´ve got such a wonderful blog :) following you dear!

  4. I had an Elle subscription for a bit (mainly cos of the offer & goody bag they were pushing at London Fashion Weekend)
    But I've gotten a few copies of Company over the years and after the new edit I'm really tempted to subscribe. Totally agree about the range of features, definitely something for everyone xoxo


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