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21.04.2012- Weekend Wishes

I've got a pretty simple request for this weekend, but knowing the nature of the traditional British climate, I'm almost 100% confident that it's one which will go unfulfilled! This weekend, I wish the weather was warm enough to dress like this:

Toni Garrn by Camilla Akrans, styled by Brana Wolf, US Harper's Bazaar, April 2011.
I can't say I'm holding out much hope!

What are your wishes for this weekend? And do you have anything planned?

(Image credit: Camilla Akrans/US Harper's Bazaar via fashiongonerogue.)


  1. Lovely! Currently having a iphone case giveaway! There is case like fifi lapin and others :)

  2. blonde and white is such a great combo xx

  3. That first photograph is gorgeous! I'm off to a friend's house for a party tonight so my main wish for the weekend is that my hangover isn't too horrific/I don't give into drunken food desires and completely ruin this healthy eating roll I'm on, ha ha. x

  4. I am longing for the days I can wear a dress again! xx

  5. Oh my gosh! The dress in the first picture looks absolutely dreamy! And so appropriate for the current weather!


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