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10.05.2012- What I Wore Today #24

It feels like I always start these posts with a moan about the weather, but considering it's May and we're still enduring wind and rain, it think we're more than entitled to complain! Today Sarah and I were invited along to the F&F at Tesco AW12 press event, where we had the chance to find out more about the pieces they're busy preparing for next season. I'm sifting through my photos as I type, so will be sharing more about the event itself in a future post, but suffice it to say they're offering an amazing range of clothing, shoes and accessories for the autumn (although if this dreary weather keeps up I'm sure we'll be needing them sooner rather than later!) Here's what I wore:

 Dress- Sister Jane via Topshop
Watch- Michael Kors c/o John Lewis
Rings- Topshop

This Sister Jane dress was a bit of an impulse buy I made when I was browsing the concessions in Topshop on Oxford Street a few weeks ago. I instinctively made a beeline for the sale rail and came across this, which I'd seen online towards the end of last year and really liked. With a fair bit of money off of the original ticket price, I headed straight for the till and am so glad I picked it up. I love the contrasting collar and sleeves, and the mini-daisy pattern is a nice alternative to polka dots. Worn with my trusty mac from Oasis (seen here), it was perfect for the unpredictable weather today!

Are you an impulse buyer? And how do you dress for the rain?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Ahh such a nice dress (: I found so much that I liked in Topshop's concessions area today, had to prise myself away from chiffony goodies because I'm about two impulse buys away from becoming a certified shopaholic ;) Hope you had fun at F+F, we should've tried to meet up for dinner! xx

  2. Oh this dress looks just lovely, and good for this weird not spring not winter weather we are having :) x

  3. I loveeee Sister Jane! They're so feminine. Definitely my new fav great priced brand x

  4. Love this dress!
    I used to impulse buy a lot, but now as I am saving I try to think about if I really need it! (But there are the odd occassions where I just think 'screw it, i want it so im buying it!' :-) xx

  5. lovely dress! the print is so pretty and perfect for spring. and i totally agree with your complaints about the weather. why is it still raining in may!? x

  6. Oh, that dress is beaut! The perfect impulse buy, very good job xxx

  7. this dress is gorgeous, I've been admiring Sister Jane stuff for a while in Topshop. Yes this weather is just ridiculous!! xx

  8. Love love love the dress... really cute collar and cuff detail x

  9. Your hair looks increds here! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it haha..xx


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