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14.05.2012- Monday Must-haves: Summer Holiday Special

If you're anything like me, then you'll love going on holiday but absolutely loathe the stress which packing involves. I'm going away for a fortnight at the end of June and am already dreading the thought of lugging my suitcase out of the loft! I think the only way to pack successfully is to be organised about it- forward planning, strict clothes rationing and a multitude of lists are definitely crucial tools in navigating the minefield that is packing a suitcase. Last time I went away, I was guilty of taking far too much with me, but this time around I'm determined not to make the same mistake. With this 'essentials only' rule in mind, this week's Monday Must-haves is themed around a selection of suitcase staples:

(Am I alone in thinking that this would be the perfect city break outfit?! Paris is calling...!) I'm still on the lookout (pardon the pun!) for the perfect pair of sunglasses, and these ones from ASOS would fit the bill (and my inordinately large, man-sized head!) perfectly. For £12 they're ideal for the wear and tear of the beach too. This skirt from Oasis is something which I think would prove really versatile, ideal for both daytime and evening (thus leaving more space in your suitcase for Duty Free goodies!) I love the paperbag waist detail too. Finding the perfect summer sandals can be a mission in and of itself, but these pair from Zara look perfect, and I think that gold is a really easy colour to co-ordinate an outfit around. I love that they're really dainty too- no tortuous gladiator buckles or hardware here, thank you! This chambray shirt from River Island's Chelsea Girl range is also ideal for taking away on holiday- nice and lightweight, and again a really versatile essential which could be styled in a lot of different ways. Whenever I go away, I always stash my toiletries in a Cath Kidston pouch, and this transparent gift bag is perfect for popping in your hand luggage. The mini bath and body goodies inside also make great travel-size toiletries. Finally, perhaps the most essential item to take away with you on holiday is a good hand-luggage bag/carry on. This satchel style from Romwe is solid, sturdy, and features lots of separate compartments to keep everything organised. Crucially though, it's also big enough to fit all of your 'essentials' in so you don't have to panic too much during those heart-stopping moments whilst you wait to be reunited with your case!

Are you going away on holiday this year? And how do you organise your packing?

(Image credit: John Lewis, Romwe, ASOS, Oasis, Zara, and River Island.)


  1. Oooh the Romwe tan bag is lush - love the metal trim x

  2. I love the cute chambray shirt & amazing print skirt! XO.

  3. Love those shoes! I've just this minute booked a trip to Paris for the end of July. I might have to bob into Zara to pick those up.
    I was in M&S the other day and was surprised to find that they had a lovely selection of sunglasses. I've got my eye on these:
    They don't look too inspiring online, but they had some fashion-forward styles x

  4. I love the bag!!

    Take care and have a nice day :)


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