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11.06.2012- Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland

If you've been in London recently and have stopped by Karen Millen's Regent Street store, then you can't fail to have noticed their breathtaking new window installations, celebrating the work of Kirsty Mitchell. Three years ago, whilst still designing for Karen Millen, Kirsty began work on her photographic project Wonderland in tribute to her mother, who sadly died in 2008. Inspired by the stories which Kirsty's mother read to her when she was a child, the finished project is a culmination of her experience in design, costume and photography, and has produced a series of the most beautiful images I think I've ever seen:

Aren't they stunning? And even more impressive when you consider the fact that nothing about any of these shots was manipulated inside a computer- all the props, set pieces, costumes and backdrops are completely real. I don't think I've ever come across more visionary work, and I'm only sorry it's taken me so long to discover such an amazing talent. As the project nears completion, Kirsty is also putting together a Wonderland book, so be sure to keep your eyes keenly peeled for that over the next few months.

To find out more about Kirsty and the Wonderland project, visit

What do you think of these images? Are you as impressed as I am?

(Image credit/copyright: Kirsty Mitchell.)


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