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15.06.2012- Stella's Garden Party

I've never been invited to a garden party, nor do I know anyone who has ever held one, but as far as summertime pursuits go, they have to be one of the most idyllic. In what has become something of an annual tradition, this week Stella McCartney presented her Resort 2013 collection at her very own garden event, complete with an array of festival-inspired goings on. Held in the Marble Cemetery of New York's East Village, the party provided the perfect arena for a host of vivid, summertime designs to come to life against a backdrop of croquet, balloons, flowers and homemade lemonade...

How perfect does it look?! It's an idea which I really love too, and a great way to make a collection really memorable; I adore the bright sunshine yellows, intricate lace and floral themed accessories. I'm now more determined than ever to experience my first garden party- who's with me?!

What do you think of this idea? And do you like the collection?

(Image credit: Stella McCartney via Harper's Bazaar.)


  1. Wow, it looks like an amazing time! I would love to have been gotten invited to one, too. I think it's suck a good idea that S.M show cased her new collection and at a tea party at the same time, more entertaining then sitting in a fashion show for most people I would think!

    -* Stephanie

  2. wow looks awesome!


  3. It's a good thing they didn't hold it in the UK with all the rain we've had recently, but I do love a garden party. Love how they've presented the collection, looks like a British Summer Fair! xoxo


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