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20.06.2012- Most Wanted: Charlotte Olympia's Feline Footwear

A little while ago, I posted about how I am essentially an old, mad cat lady at heart. Suffice it to say then, that one item I've been coveting for ages are Charlotte Olympia's Kitty Flats, which have fast become this year's cult footwear choice. Seen on both the red carpet and the front row, the velvet slipper style shoes are not only the perfect talking point, but also capture the essence of personality which runs through Charlotte Olympia's design work. I'm going to keep saving my pennies for a pair of Olympia originals, but in the meantime I've found some fantastic feline themed pieces online, proving that, for the time being at least moggy mania shows no sign of abating:
What do you think of Charlotte Olympia's Kitty Flats? And do you like my affordable feline finds?

(Image credit: Charlotte Olympia, Net-a-Porter, Topshop, River Island, ASOS and Iconemesis.)


  1. Love the shoes, they're so pretty and i really like the ASOS watch! xo

  2. Oh wow those shoes are the cutest!
    I love the phone case and little watch too :)

  3. I would do anything to get a pair of the cat shoes, they are amazing!!

    Now following!

    Looking forward to your next post! :)

    Please check out my blog if you can,

    Thank you :D


  4. Oh my gosh, the shoes are just adorable! Want them all:) Xx

  5. crazy cat ladies ftw! :)

    I love the cat watch so much x


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