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17.08.2012- What I Wore On Holiday #8

Call me predictable, but I can't resist a pretty floral print. Long time readers will know and probably be sick to the bones of this fact, but the truth of the matter is that were you to stumble through my wardrobe, you wouldn't end up in Narnia, but a strange wilderness which probably more resembles your local garden centre (minus the wheelbarrows, soil and coy carp, but you get the gist!) It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I amalgamated such a floral-heavy wardrobe, but come rain or shine, they're the pieces which I return to. As I packed to go on holiday, I decanted some of my favourites into my suitcase, and the latest addition to my collection had a priority place:

Blouse- Whistles via ASOS
Shorts- Clothing at Tesco
Sunglasses- Warehouse

The floral prints from Whistles are always at the top of my wish list as they're so unlike any others on the high street. I'd contemplated buying this swing style blouse at the beginning of the summer but couldn't quite justify the expense (even for 100% silk!), so when I spied that it had been added to the ASOS sale, I hastily popped it into my basket. Not only is the loose fit perfect for the warmer weather, but the print is just beautiful. Teamed with my denim shorts from Clothing at Tesco, I wore this outfit when I spent an afternoon on a walk (which quickly turned into a hike!) into the mountains. As well as finding a beautiful old abandoned house in the woods, I passed a lot of farmland, climbing the mountain path until I could see the whole of the town where I was staying from above. Two and a half hours well spent- especially after not passing anyone else for the majority of the trek! 

What are your wardrobe favourites? And are you as obsessed with florals as I am?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. i love a good floral blouse- they don't really need any extra styling because they're so eye catching. you look really cute in this :)

  2. love that top!


  3. Very cute & summery xo

  4. you look amazing :) x

  5. I love everything Whistles and this blouse is beautiful! x


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