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05.09.2012- What I Wore Today #49

I don't know about you, but I definitely go through distinct wardrobe phases. For weeks at a time, I'll wear jeans with a variation of t-shirts and blouses, and then I'll swap them for dresses and skirts. Whilst this means that my day-to-day dressing is quite predictable, it does mean that I often rediscover some of my favourite pieces all over again:

Dress- Sister Jane via Topshop
Tights- ASOS
Shoes- Topshop
Watch- Michael Kors c/o John Lewis

As evidenced by Sunday's post, I'm definitely gravitating towards printed frocks at the moment! I shared this printed Sister Jane dress when I bought it back in May, and it seemed high time that it had another outing, this time for catching up with some college friends over a carvery dinner on Sunday evening. It's something which I know I'll get a lot of wear out of during the winter months, even if I'm still on the hunt for the perfect opaque black tights- if you've got any suggestions of where to pick some up then please do let me know!

Do you go through phases of how you dress? And have you made any impromptu winter purchases recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love this dress, I am slowly getting back intoo more winter-y pieces even though summer clothes are my true love. Also on the hunt for perfect opaque tights, every pair I purchased last winter were such a disappointment. x

  2. this is such a pretty dress, I love Sister Jane though do find it a bit pricey. I'm quite keen to buy a new winter coat though it's obviously far too warm at the moment xx

  3. I love the dress! Printed frocks is definitely the way to go!

  4. What a stunning dress, you look so gorgeous!
    Very happy to come across your blog...happy to be your newest follower :)


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