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13.09.2012- What I Wore On Holiday #10

Whilst it feels like forever ago since I got back from my holiday, it's only been a few months. It's quite safe to say that I've been prolonging the agony of being back a little bit by putting together these outfit posts, but rest assured that this is the last one! I'm sure I'm not the only one who packs far too much when they go away, and then has a mild panic that they've still got half a case full of unworn clothes a few days before they're due to fly home. That very thing happened to me on the penultimate day of my holiday, when I discovered a forgotten beachwear gem:

Swimsuit- River Island
Sunglasses- Marks and Spencer

This swimsuit was something of a bargain from the River Island sale which I picked up a few weeks before I went away. I'd originally seen it at the start of the summer and was instantly drawn to the print and pastel colours, and in biding my time before buying it I saved myself a fair few pennies! Whilst wearing a new swimsuit at the end of your holiday probably isn't the best route to consistent tan lines(!), this was just to pretty to stay in the suitcase!

Are you going away anywhere nice on a late summer break? And do you pack too much when you go away?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I love your swimsuit, the colours are so pretty! Xx

  2. Love this swimsuit! The print is lovely. x

  3. Ohmygod that swimming costume is actaully amazing! :)

  4. Really lovely swimsuit! The RI swing tag is cute too x

  5. Your blog is adorable!Following you now :) Check mine out!



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