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24.09.2012- Monday Must-haves: a 2012 take on the 20s

Of all the stylish eras gone by, the 1920s is the one which I've always found most fascinating. From the emergence of the flapper and the subsequent move towards less structured silhouettes to the embellished accessories which were so coveted during the period, there's no doubt that the fashions of the 20s are wonderfully inspiring. And, it seems I'm not the only one to be enthralled by the decade, with the latest John Lewis advert paying homage to dropped waists, cloche hats and fringed detailing, as well as the costumes in the latest series of Downton Abbey offering a sumptuous slice of jazz age style. The high street too, has a bountiful offering of 20s inspired pieces about this season:

As soon as I saw this embellished flapper dress on the Topshop website last week, it easily became a most-wanted piece. Not only is the embellished detail absolutely beautiful, but both the style and shape are quintessentially 1920s- so much so that I think it's safe to say it would look perfectly at home around the Downton dinner table. Failing that, it's got to be the prettiest party dress (or, whisper it, Christmas day frock!) I've seen in a long while. The drop waist dress from Oasis is a lovely take on 20s dressing for the daytime- I love the motif and the deep burgundy makes it the the perfect autumnal piece. River Island have also taken their AW12 inspiration from the 20s, most notably in the form of their Design Forum collaboration with William Tempest. This blouse, from their mainline collection, incorporates beautiful beading and lace detailing, again perfectly encapsulating the decadence of the era. The jacket from Monki is something which I saw in store a few weeks ago, and I included it here as I love the colour and think the oversized shape really echoes the more relaxed silhouettes of the period. And, a 1920s look wouldn't be complete without some beautiful accessories- this time in the shape of this lovely lilac cloche hat from Marks and Spencer, embellished headband from Accessorize and printed slipper pumps from Olivia Rubin's latest collection for Dorothy Perkins. Stylish opulence at its best, don't you think?

Are you inspired by any particular fashion era? And do you like the styles of the 1920s as much as I do?


  1. I love the 60s! and 50s and a little bit of the 40s. But I started to love the 20s after watching Midnight in Paris. I actually bought sewing patterns made in the 60s and 70s to make :)


  2. Ah, pretty pretty pretty, love the Monki coat, they always have such fun quirky pieces. The hat is a gorgeous colour too. xx

  3. I love this post, 1920's fashion is beautiful! xx

    1. 20s jsut doesnt suit me at all! :( can pick up on it with hats and brogues though but dropped hems look horrid on me. Such a glam era x

  4. I love that everyone is being inspired by the John Lewis advert :) such a cute look! Those slippers are my favourite. They're a lovely print.

    Laura x

  5. I'm totally feeling the embellished bando and Monki coat! Those would look so good on you, not together in one outfit though, but surely they'd be a great addition to your wardrobe! Oh, I just post up my final batch of LFW shots I took, fab street style shots guaranteed, it was sort of my Tommy Ton moment, well at least in my head that is hahaa.

    xx The Provoker

  6. OMG I am obsessed with the 1920s and obsessed with Downton Abbey, so I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm obsessed with this post. LOL!

    Love these items. I want them all!


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