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02.10.2012- The M&S Style Challenge: Part Two

Whether you're a graduate going for your first entry level job or a professional working your way up the career ladder, styling yourself appropriately for different workplace scenarios is something which can prove quite overwhelming. As I mentioned in the first of my M&S style challenges, it's rarely a viable option to pick up a new outfit for each different workplace scenario you may be faced with, so getting your hands on a good selection of basics is crucial. The second of the challenges focuses on this need for a truly versatile work wardrobe, as my staple dress is once again put to the test:

Stepping up the career ladder- interview attire for a more senior role at a corporate firm.

Dress- c/o Marks and Spencer
Blazer- ASOS
Belt- c/o Marks and Spencer
Shoes- New Look
Bag- Zara
Tights- ASOS

This challenge was one which pushed me well and truly out of my comfort zone, given that I've never been interviewed for a promotion or been part of the corporate world! Having said that, I really enjoyed putting this look together and think it works quite well for this scenario. For this second outfit, I really honed in on creating something that was both smart and sophisticated, choosing to add a little more definition to my dress with this amazing chain detail belt from Marks and Spencer. I then co-ordinated this with the chain detail on my bag to create an outfit which felt well thought out and considered- something which I thought was particularly important given the more formal nature of this interview context. I chose to tie the whole look together with my statement blazer from ASOS- something which has been something of an interview staple for me since I bought it. Finally, I chose to incorporate a pair of heels into this look as I think they can really adjust your mindset- there's definitely something about the way they alter your posture which lends you an overall air of confidence- a real interview room essential, particularly in a scenario such as this. 

Have you ever been interviewed for a promotion at work? And do you struggle to find appropriate office outfits?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Such a lovely dress. :)

    I have had a interview for a promotion at work before and because they weren't that strict, I rolled up in some jeans and a tee and I got the job! Haa!


  2. I love this outfit, the dress is definitely perfect for an interview but I can see it working well in an informal environment too x

  3. Love this outfit, I could definitely wear this to my office! I do find it hard to find work-appropriate outfits, there's a fine line between trying not to look dull and dressing inappropriately! x

  4. I love the dress!would never have thought to look in m&s x

  5. Girl I just spent 20 minutes on your blog, and I have to say you are amazing, keep it up! Your posts are really inspiring and you got a nice taste, similar to mine. check out my new post I think you'll like it!


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