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18.10.2012- The M&S Style Challenge: Part Four

As if any further proof were needed that the days really are flying by, this is my fourth and final Marks and Spencer style challenge post! It seems like only yesterday that I was getting to grips with my dress for outfit one, so I can't quite believe that everything is drawing to a close so soon! This final challenge is one which really tested me, and the scenario is one which required more than a little bit of imagination:

'Back to work- interviewwear for a yummy mummy going for an office based job after a career break.'

Dress- c/o Marks and Spencer
Cardigan- H&M
Shoes- c/o Marks and Spencer
Bag- Next
Glasses- Missoni (via Specsavers)
Tights- ASOS

Given that my only experience of motherhood comes from nervously being left holding the baby whilst friends and family have nipped to the loo(!), this was a challenge which I really had to get imaginative for. Structuring the look around my staple dress, I chose to pick out the burnt orange accent colour in the print with this bright mustard cardigan from H&M. As I mentioned in last week's post, colour is something which can really make you stand out from the crowd, and I thought adding a bold accompaniment to the dress in this instance really worked in lifting the whole outfit and conveying a really positive mood to potential employers. I'm always amazed to find how much wearing a bright colour can really help to lift my mood, so also thought this vibrant yellow would be the perfect way to lend a bit more confidence too- especially important when remembering that this scenario is all about going back to work after having a break to focus on family. Keeping in mind this work/home balance, I chose to accessorise this look with a satchel- perfect for keeping a busy working mum's bits and pieces organised. For footwear, flats seemed like the ideal option, and this pair from Marks and Spencer are really chic and, perhaps most crucially of all, comfortable- ideal for a mum who is on the go all day. I also opted to wear my glasses for this look as they seemed to add a really smart edge to the outfit as a whole, and from a practical point of view they're also a lot less time consuming than contact lenses. Overall, I think this outfit is smart, cheery and practical- perfect for a mum looking to head back to work. 

So that's it! All four challenges done and dusted! It's been a real pleasure to be involved in this project and I'd like to say a big thank you to M&S for approaching me. And watch this space for some exciting career news from me soon....!

What do you think of this outfit? And have you enjoyed this series of challenges?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I love the look you've gone for, the blouse is a great colour! x

  2. What a fun challenge Sarah, going to catch up on your other posts now.

    You look great and the glasses really suit you.

    I love how you've picked such a gorgeous, bright cardigan. It's not something that instantly comes to mind for an interview (I always look a bit drab) but it still looks smart and you're right, probably does make you feel more positive. Lovely choices! x

  3. Flat shoes and a big bag seem like a must for mums, good choices x

  4. I'm loving a bit of M&S at the moment. i really want those shoes :)!

  5. I love this look... the dress with the cardi is perfect! And also, um, how am i just finding your blog?? where have i been? You are fabulous!!xx

  6. Hiya, so glad I clicked over from Lauren's blog! I have that exact same cardigan and am struggling to style it. I am in love with the mustard colour. It looks fab with that grey dress, will keep my eyes peeled for something similar for work. Looking forward to reading more :)


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