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27.03.2013- What I Wore Today #107

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that this winter has felt like the longest one ever! Just when it seemed like we were going to be enjoying some warmth, the Arctic winds and snow are back with a vengeance, and I've resorted to digging out some of my favourite cosy pieces in a vain attempt to keep warm. Having said that, I'm also determined to will spring into existence, layering up with some bright colours and pretty prints to try and feel a little more new season ready. With this in mind, my outfit from the start of the week featured one of my favourite recent purchases- something which I'm sure will be perfect for the warmer weather (if it ever makes an appearance!)

Blouse- Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Topshop
Watch- Olivia Burton

As soon as I saw the Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo collection, this blouse rocketed to the top of my wishlist. Not only is the pattern beautiful, but the vivid colour will make it a real summer essential, and it's also something which will co-ordinate really nicely with the rest of my wardrobe (especially the matching trousers which may have accidentally found their way into my shopping basket when the collection launched last Thursday!) Suffice it to say then, that this was not the only piece from the Celia for Uniqlo range which I snapped up, and I can't wait to feature the rest of my purchases in future posts as and when the thaw into spring begins (if indeed it ever does!!!) At the start of the week I teamed this blouse with a staple pair of jeans, swiftly adding a jumper before leaving the house- definite proof that winter is back with a bite!

How are you adapting your spring purchases for this chilly snap? And did you pick anything up from the Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo range?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Looove this shirt Sarah! I think I might have to accidentally trip and fall into Uniqlo tomorrow (payday yay!) and snap up a few pieces - I adore the little dresses. Love the contrast of the blouse/boots/watch. (:

  2. That blouse is so lovely. So ready for spring/summer :) We just need the weather to go with it!


  3. ahh I am most definitely after this little number too (and the matching trousers!) hurry up Spring!xx

  4. I wish I had managed to get my hands on that blouse :( It looks lovely on yuo!

    Maria xxx

  5. What a pretty outfit and your hair looks stunning! I'm so tired of this cold weather too :/ xx

  6. love this blouse and the colour is wonderful! Don't think they sell these in my size though :(

  7. I love the boots xx

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  8. Your blouse is absolutely gorgeous! Love your outfit:) Xx

  9. I love this blouse. I'm trying to wear brighter colours to make myself feel a bit more spring-like! x

  10. Cute blouse.
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