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05.05.2013- What I Wore Today #118

If you're a long time reader of this little blog of mine, then you'll know that I'm not exactly what you'd call a party animal. I'd much rather spend a cosy evening in front of a good film with a cuppa than out on the town, so my 'going out' wardrobe is pretty non-existent. However, last Saturday provided a bit of a break from the norm in that it marked a family birthday celebration- providing an ideal opportunity (or excuse, if you will!) for me to treat myself to something new and a little bit smarter in the evening dressing stakes:
Jumpsuit-Mango (via ASOS)
Belt- ASOS
Clutch Bag- c/o Next
Shoes- New Look
The jumpsuit is a piece which I'd neglected up until quite recently, as I'd always thought them quite impractical and something that I'd never be able to carry off. I was also quite skeptical about finding one which would fit me properly as I'm a touch on the tall side and didn't want to come a cropper (quite literally!) with something which may have fit perfectly but been too short in the leg. However, last Christmas I took the plunge and ordered one from Zara, only to find that it had a pull in it and had to be returned; in the midst of festive mania I didn't get round to reordering it so will be left forever regretful that it didn't find it's way into my wardrobe. That said, since then I've definitely been persuaded that jumpsuits are a really stylish alternative to dresses, and whilst having a sneaky browse of ASOS a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this one from Mango. Not only do I love the contrast between the black and white, but it's also really nicely cut and offers quite a different, androgynous take on evening dressing- perfect for adapting to lots of different occasions. Here I styled it with another recent purchase from ASOS in the shape of this bow detail belt which I think adds a really nice finishing touch, and a simple white clutch from Next which I was lucky enough to find in my goody bag after attending their amazing Press Office Takeover a few weeks ago. All in all, this is a simple, minimalist look which I really love, and which I have a feeling will start to steadily influence a lot of my future purchases!

What type of pieces are you drawn to for evening outfits? And are you a fan of the jumpsuit?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love this outfit Sarah, at first I thought the top and trousers were separate so quite surprised to read it's a jump suit. Love the monochrome vibe as well

  2. I love this outfit, the jumpsuit looks amazing on you and I love the monochrome!

    Maria xxx

  3. You look lovely, Sarah! :) Also loving your hair and make-up! x x


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