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25.06.2013- Online Style with Stylight

Although there are a lot of online fashion communities around at the moment, I have to confess that a fair few of them have passed me by. Lookbook is something which has always seemed a little bit too time consuming for me, and I'm yet to jump aboard the Pintrest bandwagon, although the online scrapbooking concept is one which I really love. I was really in to Polyvore a few years ago, and loved their 'click through to buy' idea, but as I've grown a little bit older and my style has evolved, I found it a little bit too throwaway. So, when Stylight got in touch with me a few weeks ago to introduce their online fashion platform, I was really excited to start using the website and to get to grips with their super innovative technology: 

Not only does Stylight allow you to search through their designer directory for thousands of must-have items, you can also keep a record of your favourites by clicking the heart icon and adding them to your saved list- definitely an essential feature if you're a bit of a scatter brain like I am and find it tricky to keep track of your favourite new season pieces. Being able to everything all in one place is a real bonus- and the perfect fantasy shopping list tool (no surprise that one of my first favourites was a pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes!) I also found the mix of brands on offer across the Stylight site really refreshing- with the perfect balance of high end and high street pieces to inspire your outfit boards.

The inspiration boards are another core feature of the Stylight experience. Allowing you to title your inspiration, upload saved images, videos and music and search across a range of online shops for outfit ideas, it's easy to create looks and synchronise all of your favourite outfit ideas in one place. I also love the click through interactivity of the Stylight site, making it super easy to snap up pieces which you've discovered as well as allowing you to share them via Facebook with just one push of a button. It's also unbelievably quick and easy to use, unlike a lot of other similar platforms where images can take forever to upload and links to external sites can be broken or really out of date. Although I've only had the chance to create a few boards so far, I've really enjoyed pairing up my own outfit shots with pieces which are in the shops at the moment, and I'm sure Stylight is a platform which I'm going to keep using more and more as I slowly but surely become more addicted to it!

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Have you ever used Stylight? Are you a fan?


  1. Oh I've heard so much about Stylight but hadn't quite got round to checking it out and getting to grips with it all! xx


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